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Jobs or Do for Self?

Jobs or Do For Self?

Tonight on 60 Minutes, the Federal Reserve Chairman told us the job situation may not improve until four or five years from now, if then, for surely he does not know, only pontificating in the manner of white supremacy spin doctors. He admitted that although the corporations and banks have been replenished from their pyramid schemes, to the tune of three trillion dollars, including banks around the world, the bankers are hording their wealth, their new found profits and bonuses.

They are making no loans, nor are the corporations hiring. Yes, they are hoarding the wealth. So the Fed Chairman is putting 600 billion more into the economy to entice the robbers to share the wealth. Will they do so? What will make them break down into civility? Mao told us the reactionaries will never put down their butcher knives, they will never turn into Buddha heads!
Not many have proclaimed they will do as Bill Gates and Warren Buffe’t have done, agree to share their wealth. Of course, in their contempt for the people, the robber barons cannot conceive of sharing, not until they face the wrath of the people, when the lethargic, passive and pitiful Americans hit the streets in the manner of the Greeks, French, English and Irish, who’ve
been protesting the resulting austerity measures instituted after the economic meltdown caused by international finance, under the leadership of American capitalists, including the wicked Federal Reserve that is neither Federal nor the reserve of the people, but the bankers bank for the blood suckers of the poor around the world. Did the Federal Reserve bail out the suffering American people? Did they bail out those scammed out of their basic wealth? Do the corporations plan to rehire any of the laid off workers any time soon? No indeed.

And so what shall we do, meantime, stand around with our dicks in our hands and our hearts racing? Your President says he has jobs for terrorists in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen, if they lay down their guns and pledge loyalty to one of the American protectorates in the above nations, yet the president nor the congress, Democrats or Republications, can come up with a solution to the job crisis in America, especially for the boyz in the hood, the perennially unemployed, underemployed, uneducated, criminalized and despised; those suffering from traumatic stress from violence in the streets, unresolved grief, disposed to sell dope, murder and pimp to survive, who soon find themselves incarcerated and suddenly a ward of the state wherein they are a commodity worth between fifty and sixty thousand dollars per inmate per year. And guest what, after incarceration, they suddenly find employment at 100%. The correctional officers tell them upon release, “Hurry up and come back. I got a yacht for myself, I need to get one for my son.”

Perhaps we can find a solution to our economic conundrum from the program for American veterans coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan. They have a program for vets suffering post traumatic stress syndrome since they realize most of these men and women shall never be able to hold down a normal job. They are training them to be entrepreneurs that will be able to operate their own businesses. I maintain we must use this model for our young men and women in the hood who suffer traumatic stress from war in the hood, call it the war on drugs, the war against the poor, the war against the wretched and despised, but war none the less, a low intensity war that lingers on into the night and into the day.

I hate to sound repetitious and redundant, but the brothers and sisters in the hood can be given micro loans to come up, as people are doing around the world, based on the model established by Muhammad Unis who won the Noble Peace Prize for his effort at helping the poor.

But rather than help the poor, the bourgeoisie has a pattern of taking ideas for the poor and using them to uplift the middle class while the poor languish in poverty, ignorance and disease.
If we are to avoid a coming class war, the black bourgeoisie must decide to be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.
–Marvin X

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Economic Growth versus Development

A true friend is more precious than gold.

Economic Growth versus Development

In the world of economics, growth is the primary metric. It’s all about the numbers, and so we try to reach the sky with growth, quarterly, annually. As long as there is growth, we know we are on solid ground. The assumption is that growth is infinite, for there are infinite possibilities for growth if we search for new lands to exploit the labor, resources and addiction to consumerism or things we have programed people to desire, even beyond their needs.

As we look at the global economic crisis and the slowdown in growth, perhaps it is time to ponder this wanton desire for growth, especially when it propels people to spend beyond their means to satisfy the bloody capitalist swine who perpetuate the world of make believe, including the addiction to growth as the only barometer of successful economic policy.

But we know a child may grow but not develop, thus perhaps we should consider development as essential to economic policy. How many people were employed with jobs at a living wage in the last quarter? How many had health insurance coverage on the job. Did we reach wage parity with Black and white men, white men and white women? How many claimed they were happy on the job in the last quarter or last year? How many feel secure?

What does it really prove to have increased growth and profits? Well, it’s all about profit, right? It’s all about making a profit with the cheapest labor and resources, even if we need to start wars to obtain such, even if we must remain on a permanent war footing to satisfy the bastards in the military/corporate/university complex who earn mega salaries with bonuses while the workers are rapidly slipping into poverty or require two salaried persons in the household to make it.

And because the workers have become addicted to things or conspicuous consumption, their lives suffer underdevelopment while the bosses drive them to increase the growth metric, no matter the development metric, especially the human development, after all, we are not talking of abstractions.

We are entering an era, especially here in the Americas, where Latin American or Indigenous peoples are discarding the blatant free market capitalism of the Europeans. The peoples of the Americas want an alternative to naked exploitation of labor and natural resources. Some rather keep their natural resources in the ground rather than give away for little or nothing. Bolivia is considering such with its new found lithium deposits that is needed for batteries and electronic devices. Other nations rather keep their oil in the ground, after all, it is exploited yet the people remain in poverty, ignorance and disease.

And so we are at the precipice of a new economic order. Progressive minded people are urgently seeking alternatives to solve the present global crisis brought about from pure greed and arrogance by the white supremacy bandits.

Is more better or less? Having more is no guarantee of happiness. In the US, workers have two and three cars, closets full of shoes and clothes, yet mates are estranged, suffering physical, verbal and emotional abuse, and of course many chose to remain prisoners of love because they enjoy the golden handcuffs of material security, neglecting to consider their spiritual security.

And so we suffer psychosomatic diseases from stress, cancer, stroke and heart attack, only then do people realize things are an illusion of the monkey mind. They are horrified when they see the poor people pushing shopping carts down the street, yet expressing happiness and joy, yes, while drinking their rot gut wine, but the couple is passionate with each other, laughing and joking as if they were in a palace.

Some economists, Robert Reich, for example, say we have reached the limit of growth, that the only thing possible now in order to have peace in the world is for the rich to share the wealth, yes, return some of the ill gotten gain to the wretched of the earth. Bill Gates and Warren Buffet are the example of what must be done. They have given back or plan to give billions back to the people. They are encouraging other rich persons to do the same. Perhaps these men understand it is not about growth but development and the transformation of the human spirit beyond the material. Call it joy and happiness!

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